You can easily add an appointment in the planner, for services or personal training sessions.

On this page you can see how to:

  • Add an appointment
  • Schedule a recurring appointment
  • Raise an invoice for an appointment

Add an Appointment

  1. In the planner, select the time of the appointment

  2. Select ‘Appointment’

  1. Complete the appointment details (client, service, staff members, location, invoice etc):

  1. Select either ‘pencil in’ or ‘confirm’ (as appropriate)

Recurring Appointments

You can add both recurring and one off classes on the planner. To add a recurrence, follow the process for a standard appointment (above), except before confirming (or pencilling in) the appointment, select the ‘recurrence’ tab:

From there, select the recurrence details:

Raise Invoices

Follow these steps to raise an invoice for an appointment:

  1. In the planner, select the appointment, and then ‘raise invoice’:

  1. Here you can adjust the amount (if necessary), then select ‘create invoice’