Getting started

Influx is simple to use software for people that love fitness, not computers

This page outlines the first step in setting up your account. You can see the other major steps here:

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1. Set a Program

A program is the ‘parent’ of the classes you wish to schedule. In later stages we will use this ‘parent’ to schedule the classes.

An example of a program may be ‘Spin’, ‘High Intensity Interval Training’, or ‘Circuit’.

To set up your programs go:

Settings > Programs > New Program

2. Studios

If you only have one space where you conduct your business, there is no need to edit this section.

To edit the name of the ‘default’ studio, go:

Settings > Studio/spaces > and then select the ‘default’ studio > Edit

To add new studios/spaces, go:

Settings > Studios/spaces > New studio

3. Schedule classes

As you’ve now set up the class ‘parent’ in step 1, you can now schedule your classes in the planner.

To schedule your classes, go:

Planner > then select the time and day when your recurring classes happen.

You have two choices when scheduling classes:

4. Add passes

Passes are more commonly know as ‘concession passes’. They allow members to purchase a set amount of visits to a class.

You can configure your passes by going:

Settings > Passes > New pass type

5. Add members

You can choose to add members one-by-one, or bulk upload members (if you have them in an electronic file):


6. Add courses

Courses run for a set period, and typically include things such as ‘bootcamps’, ‘introduction’ courses, and classes that run for terms.

Read more on when to run a course

To set the ‘parents’ for your courses, go:

Settings>Courses>New course type

7. Add services (for appointments)

A service is the ‘parent’ of an appointment you wish to schedule.

An example of a service may be ‘Personal Training’, ‘Body Measurements’, or ‘Nutritional Consultation’.

To set up your service go:

Settings>Service>New Service