Each section has it's own dashboard so that you can get all the key information in one place. An example of this is the Influx main Dashboard, which is broken up in to three key areas:

Recent attendance

The recent attendance graph shows you exactly how many people have attended classes over the last few days and a moving average of the last 7 days so you can easily see trends:

Upcoming Classes

Here you can see what classes you have scheduled for the day and how many bookings you have for each class.

To book a member into class or manually add a member just select the program you wish to book them into.

You can also select upcoming classes to view the class dashboard which provides more detailed information such as who is attending and what instructors you may have set for the class.

Additional information

Never forget a member’s birthday when they’re highlighted on your Influx dashboard

The Alert screen keeps you in the loop of anything that needs your attention, such as expiring memberships, members that have not attended recently, failed auto payments, or membership limits that are exceeded.

Select the alert to either view or clear.

You can view any previously dismissed alerts by following the ‘alerts’ title link.