‘Newsletters’ is where you can send messages from within Influx to your members e-mail inbox.

By selecting ‘new’ in the newsletters section, you can create a newsletter, much like you would a regular e-mail.



The ‘groups’ area makes it easy to keep in regular contact with groups of members.

Here you can create as many groups of members as you wish.

Comms > Groups > Add Group


Default groups

There are also three default groups in every account:

  1. Active members: members who have a current membership or pass
  2. Recent attendance – week: members who have attended a class in the last week
  3. Recent attendance – month: members who have attended a class in the last month

Add a member to a group

There are two ways to add a member to a group:

  1. Individually

Go to their profile and select ‘edit’ in the groups box.

  1. In bulk

Go to Comms > Groups

Then select the group (by clicking on the blue text). Here you will see a list of the members of the group.

Select the blue ‘manage’ icon, or by selecting the triangle next to ‘edit’ and then ‘members’:

You can then search for members individually, or click ‘search’, and a list of all members will appear:


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The following video outlines:
  1. How to write a new newsletter
  2. How to add groups of members you wish to communicate with
  3. How to send an e-mail to course members

Click here for the Newsletters Video

When writing newsletters, you may also like to take this opportunity to check that your ‘reply address’ is set correctly. To do this, go:
Settings > Preferences > Email preferences > Reply address