Influx provides a number of built in forms and the ability to create custom forms.

Built in forms

Influx has three built in forms:

1. Register

The registration form creates a member profile inside your Influx account but does not create any membership or visit pass information.

2. Signup

The signup form allows new members to signup to your Influx account. This includes both the payments integrated signup form (when using our automatic payments integration) and the simpler basic signup form.

3. Trial signup

The trial signup form allows you to customise the signup information when processing a trial signup.

Creating forms

To create a form simply select ‘new form’ from the menu and you will then be shown the following screen

Creating a new custom form in Influx

The name field is simply what your new form will be titled within Influx and is otherwise unseen. The slug is an auto-generated field that is used when embedding the form. You can normally leave it as-generated but it can be overwritten if needed. It must be unique for all forms within your account.

You are then able to start defining the required fields for your form. The answer type dictates what field is shown in the form to the end user. You have the following options

1. Short option - Provides a single line text box
2. Long Option - Provides a multi-line text box
1. Email - A single line text box that must be an email
3. Date - Provides a date picker
4. Dropdown - Provides a multiple choice answer field from the options you create

Additionally you can select whether the fields are required by checking the ‘required’ checkbox. Any field that is required will prevent the form from being completed without a valid value being entered.

After adding the required fields for your form you can write a confirmation message. This message is shown when all fields have been successfully entered and the submission recorded within Influx.

Customising forms

The built-in forms are similar to the custom forms as above. The primary difference is that some fields will be uneditable as they are required by Influx to complete the associated action of the form (e.g. register or signup). However you can extend the forms if you want additional information to be included and they can be modified in the same way as custom forms by editing them.