Payment providers

Keep track of invoices and payments in one place

Influx allows you to manually reconcile payments, and we also integrate with major direct debit companies – for a hands-off experience as an owner/manager.

Contact us to hear about the various providers we integrate with and recommend.

When you have an existing direct debit account, contact us to turn on the feature.

Then follow these steps:

1. Turn on Accounts

Turn accounts on by going:

Settings > Preferences > Account preferences

Select ‘edit’, and then ‘Yes’ next to ‘manage accounts’:

2. Turn on integration with direct debit provider

Go to:

Settings > Preferences > Payment preferences, and select ‘configure’

3. Next configure the provider

This connects your direct debit account to Influx.

Select your direct debit provider

Test the link with the direct debit provider, to ensure your account is connected:

You’re now ready to add memberships that are reconciled automatically through your direct debit provider.

Do see how to do this, see:

Adding a membership to a member.

Note: direct debit is not an immediate payment method. Due to payment providers and bank processing times we’d recommend (when ending memberships) to allow at least 3 days in advance of the next occurring payment.