Xero Integration

Influx can push your invoices and payments in Xero at the push of a button. To get started, enable Xero Integration in Settings>Integrations>Xero.


This will guide you through the authorisation process. To prevent you having to provide your Xero credentials to Influx, Influx asks Xero for permission. You enter your credentials into Xero and that is what allows Influx to push information into Xero safely and securely.


The first step after authorising Xero is to configure your accounts for each associated account in Influx. An example is shown below.


It’s important that each payment method is configured or Xero syncing will fail.


Now that you have configured your Xero integration, you can go to your Accounts Dashboard to begin the syncing process.


Here you’re given an overview of when your last sync occurred (if at all) and how many invoices and payments need to be pushed up to Xero. Pressing the ‘Send to Xero’ button will trigger the syncing process in the background