Schedule workouts

The easiest way to add a workout is to select the whiteboard, and then the day you wish to add the workout to.

Note: Some workouts of the day have been pre-programmed into the Training database.

When adding a workout, you may first like to add a warmup and warmdown (that are only visible to staff):

The workout portion is what will be visible for your members to see, and is the aspect they are able to record a result for in InfluxApp.

When adding a workout, you have two options:

  1. A Workout of the Day (WOD), or

  2. A Lift.

#####New workout of the day (WOD)

Here you can input a name and description, and choose the scoring method for your members to record in InfluxApp:

Your workouts of the day can be scored a variety of ways:

  • For time – e.g. 5km time trial, or Fran WOD
  • For rounds – e.g. Cindy WOD, or Beep test
  • For distance – e.g. Row for 10mins
  • For load – e.g. 5mins to complete Max squat and Push Press for 10 reps each
  • For repetitions – e.g. Number of push ups in 1 minute
  • Tabata – e.g. 8 rounds of sit ups: 20 seconds per round and 10 seconds rest
  • Total – e.g. Other total not included above

#####New Lift

Here you can add the lift and the programmed reps and sets you wish your members to complete.

Note: they can manually adjust these in InfluxApp to reflect what they actually completed.

If there is any exercise / movement you wish us to add, please contact us.