Adding products

You can add products to Influx, so you can then easily sell them to your members.

There are two instructions:

  1. Adding a product with one version (for example if you sell one type of skipping rope).
  2. Adding a product with multiple versions (for example, if you sell long, medium, and short skipping ropes in different colours).

Add a product with one version

  1. In the left hand menu, go to the Shop.
  2. Select ‘new’
  3. Enter the product details, and then select ‘add’:

Add a product with two or more versions (for example, flavours, colours, sizes)

Follow the steps #1 and #2 for a single product (above), but rather than selecting ‘add’, select the ‘has versions’ check box.

After you select the variable, you can enter the details of the version, and then ‘create’:

You can the confirm the product, and all flavours by selecting ‘add’:

Once you have entered a product with variables, those variables remain stored in Influx for future use with other products.

For example, with clothing sizes: Once they are added into Influx, if you were adding a new item (see example below with ‘training pants’), the sizes are automatically generated once you select the variable ‘clothing size’: