Adding orders

The shop is somewhere you can sell items to members. For example t-shirts, nutritional supplements, or fitness equipment.

There are two situations when you may like to add an order to a member:

  1. Add an order to a member (for example, a sale to a member on a concession pass).

  2. Add an order to an invoice (for example, add it to a recurring membership).

This article covers #1. If you wish to see how to add an order to an invoice, click here.

Add an order to a member

You start a new order when a member would like to buy a product.

Go into the Shop, and then select ‘new’ order.

Next select the member you wish to sell a product to:

Next, select the product:

From there, it is easy to:

  • Confirm the order
  • Add a payment (when the member pays you)
  • Mark the product as ready (for use, for example, if the product needs to be produced or custom made).
  • Mark the order fulfilled (when the sale is completed)